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Davey Ukulele & The Gag Time Gang Biography

What do you get when you take four wildly talented musicians and turn them loose on kids' songs about road trips, rainbows and robots?

Meet Davey Ukulele and The Gag Time Gang! There's Uncle Louis, a lovable gravel-voiced goombah from Jersey whose life is about comfortable shoes and the quest for a perfect meatball. There's Professor D, a rockabilly-loving scientist with a swivel in his hips and a tickle in his nose. There's Super #1 Robot, a metal machine man with a computerized brain and some serious dance moves. And leading them on their musical adventures is Davey Ukulele, a technicolor-clad emcee with a sly sense of humor and a knack for writing catchy tunes about everything from the alphabet to bath time to essential bodily functions.

Behind the colorful costumes and zany antics of the group are four top-notch, seasoned musicians. Uncle Louis is Paul Deakin, the longtime drummer for cocktail-country hitmakers The Mavericks. Professor D is Bill DeMain, guitarist-singer-songwriter for the internationally-successful duo Swan Dive. Super #1 Robot is David Henry, a producer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with artists such as Ben Folds and Yo La Tengo. And Davey Ukulele is David Mead, a highly-acclaimed pop singer-songwriter known for his soaring voice and riveting live performances.

With influences ranging from Harry Nilsson to Elvis Presley to Devo to Kermit the Frog, Davey Ukulele & The Gag Time Gang make music for the whole family. What really sets their songs apart is that they're fun for kids, while being smart and savvy enough to engage parents too.

Their debut album, The Adventures Of Davey Ukulele & The Gag Time Gang, is available on iTunes now!

Here's what the press is saying about Davey Ukulele & The Gag Time Gang

Why leave songs about poop and pee to amateurs? Sounding like a cross between "Whip It"-era Devo and the pop pastiches on Phineas & Ferb&emdash;a mighty high compliment in my household&emdash;this merry kids' band actually camouflages a genuine Nashville supergroup: the tag team of David Mead, Swan Dive's Bill DeMain, Brother Henry's David Henry and The Mavericks' Paul Deakin. Their subject matter speaks directly to the 5-year-old experience in odes to super robots, rainbows and alphabet soup, not to mention the aforementioned bodily functions (the toddler equivalent of the money shot, if you'll forgive the grotesquely inappropriate analogy).
–Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene, September 2010